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Vera Jewelry

14K Blue Butterfly Earrings

14K Blue Butterfly Earrings

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Give To Your Baby The Beauty She Deserves.

This beautiful earrings will give the perfect look that your baby needs to go out with you. With this small beautiful earrings she will feel.

She will wear 14K gold earrings which are absolutely non-allergic and will keep her beautiful and secure.


  • 100% Solid 14K Gold (Yes, that means all parts)
  • Screw Backs Designed for Safety & Comfort

You Should Know...

As with all luxury brands, there are many imitations made to look like Vera Jewelry. Our profound commitment to high quality is unparalleled, using only the finest and purest gems, gold and silver, all while upholding vigorous safety standards. Our passion and vision for meaningful, heart-felt keepsake gifts for your little ones has allowed Vera Jewelry to become the most trusted designer of children's jewelry for nearly two decades.

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